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St. Mary & Sacred Heart Cemeteries

​St. Mary, Mother of God Church is entrusted with the stewardship of two cemeteries: St. Mary, Yatesboro and Sacred Heart, Sagamore. These two cemeteries are places of honor, dignity and respect, as they are placed where the mortal remains of our faithful departed lie in rest awaiting resurrection.

Our parish is committed to the care and maintenance of both of our parish cemeteries.

All records and business for both St. Mary Cemetery and Sacred Heart Cemetery are handled by the St. Mary, Mother of God parish office.

St. Mary Cemetery

For GPS directions, use address: 10212 PA-85, Kittanning, PA 16201

  • The cemetery is located off of PA-85. The cemetery road runs between two houses, and winds back into the trees.

Sacred Heart Cemetery

 For GPS directions, use address: 104 Cemetery Rd., Dayton, PA 16222   

Cemetery Road is a rural road that runs through trees and fields, and past houses. After passing by the cemeteries, it connects with State Route 210

The cemetery is located directly off State Route 210, about one mile south of the Route 85 intersection.   

Three cemeteries reside on the same property, Sacred Heart Cemetery, SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery, and St. John’s Cemetery. Sacred Heart is the third cemetery when you enter from State Route 210, and the first cemetery when you enter from Cemetery Road.


​Burials in our parish cemeteries require the purchase of a grave and the payment of the interment fee. The purchase of a grave is handled directly through our parish office either in advance of, or at the time of need. The interment fee is typically included in the bill of services provided by a professional funeral director at the time of death, or as part of the pre-planning of a funeral.

If you are interested in the purchase of a gravesite in Sacred Heart or St. Mary Cemeteries and would like details, please contact the parish office.

Burial Policy

Our parish cemetery policy limits the number of burials in an individual grave to a maximum of two, whether burying bodily or cremated remains. Also, all caskets and cremation urns must be buried within a vault. Finally, all interments at both of our parish cemeteries must be conducted by our cemetery personnel.