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 Finance Council

​The parish finance council is a consultative group that assists the pastor in carrying out his responsibility for the financial and temporal management of the parish. While the parish finance council does not have decision-making authority, they do meet quarterly to review and discuss financial matters associated with the operation of the parish, parish cemeteries and parish hall. Their work helps to assure financial accountability for the temporal affairs of the parish.

​Stan Berdell
​Pete Catanese
​Jim Kaplon
​Michael Renosky
​Stella Samosky

 Pastoral Council

​The parish pastoral council is the primary consultative body to the pastor in matters which touch the pastoral life of the entire parish. The parish pastoral council's role is to develop and implement a pastoral plan for the parish, which enables the faith community to live out the mission of the Gospel. The concern of each member of the parish pastoral council as a whole is the welfare of the entire parish. This is especially true in regard to community, worship and prayer, service, education and leadership/administration.

Rose Marie Andryka
​Penny Hampshire
​Charlotte Kaplon
​Jonathan Nagy
​Amy Skamai
​Bob Skamai
​Arlene Smith